Are you ready to meet the online food court imagined by La Manufacture? Over 7+ restaurants designed for delivery and takeouts! Opened in July 2021 , La Manufacture Pop-Up is now ready to evolve and become the hero Basel people needs.


Founded by 5 childhood friends, from LM Pop-Up to Food Hero, we have always had a spirit of sharing at heart, and we know that being gathered around a well furnished table with good food can help you enjoy these moments even more! This is why we created Food Hero, your new online food court in Basel! Enjoy a Multi-Restaurant Ordering experience through our 7+ kitchens available on the same app and… on the same bill!


Chances are you have experienced this moment before; you're at a party with friends and it's time to order dinner. But it is impossible for you to agree on a restaurant that would suit everyone. If you recognize yourself in this situation, then Food Hero is here to save your day. With our 7+ restaurant and groceries all on our new app, get the food everybody’s want without compromise , by delivery or takeout!


Food Hero’s purpose is to offer delicious and healthy food, based on quality products. We do not compromise on anything, neither on quality nor on food safety. Because we retain control over the products we manufacture or process, from start to finish, we are able to guarantee that our products are of the highest quality. We are convinced that taste and pleasure go hand in hand with impeccable quality and responsible management.

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